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We believe that every getaway should be extraordinary, filled with luxury, convenience, and cherished moments. With our unique co-ownership model, we bring together groups of like-minded individuals and families to co-own exceptional vacation homes worldwide.

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Meet Our Dedicated Team

Passionate Experts Deeply Committed to You

Adam Capes
Adam Capes
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Meet Adam, the ultimate travel enthusiast, who effortlessly transforms ordinary vacations into enchanting escapades filled with loved ones. With a dedicated career in the captivating realm of alternative second homes, he's akin to a masterful wanderlust wizard.

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Brandon Dale
Brandon Dale
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Meet Brandon, a guy who's all about two things: family and adventure! With a degree from the University of Florida under his belt, Brandon isn't just a real estate pro – he's practically a real estate wizard. For over a decade, he orchestrated a global dream team, conjuring up the largest North American luxury real estate fund. Picture this: a treasure trove of properties worth a whopping $60 million, sprinkled like confetti across the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean.

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Armand Kadima
Armand Kadima
Chief Financial Officer

Introducing Armand, the wizard of numbers and captain of business brilliance! For over a decade, he's been on a mission to sprinkle success dust on businesses big and small. With his accountant cape billowing in the wind, he's danced through financial reports, tax codes, and business strategies like a pro.

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Marian Pollock
Marian Pollock
Chief of Staff

Say hello to Marian, the East Coast native turned sun-soaked Phoenix enthusiast, waving goodbye to winter gloves for good! Armed with a degree from Ithaca College, she kicked off her career as an Analyst but quickly became a Jill-of-all-trades in consulting, communications, customer service, marketing, and business management.

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Dan Guerra
Dan Guerra
Agency Founder

Dan Guerra is a designer, developer, and digital marketing strategist who founded Apta Agency, a company that specializes in providing digital solutions for real estate businesses.

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Chris Arias
Chris Arias
Director of Marketing

Chris Arias is the Director of Marketing at Raise Ready Systems. He is a growth specialist having spent the last seven years helping real estate syndicators grow across various asset classes by leveraging technology.

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goforth is

Changing the way you vacation

Owning one vacation home just doesn’t make sense for those who love to travel. It’s a maintenance hassle and only gives you access to one location. For a fraction of the cost of one vacation home, you can own and enjoy one home with preferred access to all other homes in our collection. GoForth, It’s the evolution of second home ownership.

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Our core values

Our Commitment to You

We put others first

Our commitment to service extends beyond our clients. We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our co-owners, employees, and partners, ensuring that their needs are met and expectations exceeded.

We celebrate mistakes

We believe that mistakes are opportunities for growth and improvement. By embracing a culture of learning and open-mindedness, we encourage innovative thinking and empower our team to take calculated risks, learn from failures, and constantly evolve.

We say what we do and we do what we say

We are driven by a relentless determination to overcome challenges and achieve success. With unwavering perseverance, we tackle obstacles head-on, finding creative solutions and delivering exceptional results.

We are persistent in getting the job done.

Our commitment to service extends beyond our clients. We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our co-owners, employees, and partners, ensuring that their needs are met and expectations exceeded.

We are committed to personal growth

We are driven by a relentless determination to overcome challenges and achieve success. With unwavering perseverance, we tackle obstacles head-on, finding creative solutions and delivering exceptional results.

our vision

We help people to avoid one of life's biggest regrets

One of life's biggest regrets is not spending enough quality time with friends and family. Everyone is busy with the daily grind.

Planning vacations, much less buying a vacation home, is difficult and time-consuming. We think to ourselves "One day I'll do it." Then life gets in the way and unfortunately, that day never comes.

At GoForth, we take the time, hassles and headaches out of finding, buying and owning your own vacation home so you can simply show up and enjoy some precious time with the most important people in your life.

We'll help you go from being busy and stressed to worldly and carefree.

Life is short. Avoid regret.

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As a GoForth owner, your life will change in a big way:

Less Stress

You'll be less stressed and busy

Happy Family

Your family will be happier

Magic Moments

You'll enjoy more experiences and magic moments

Looking Forward

You'll always have an amazing trip around the corner


Have questions? Explore our FAQs to find answers about GoForth and our luxury vacation home co-ownership model.

What is GoForth?

We bring together groups of four people, or families, to co-own a luxury vacation home anywhere in the world. We handle the acquisition, home set-up, legal, accounting, and property management. Owners also have access to all other homes managed by us.

Is GoForth like a timeshare?

Not even close. Timeshares are generally a way to access a small two-bedroom condo for the same week every year with no ownership of that unit. GoForth owners own a one-fourth interest in their dream home with their desired size and number of bedrooms, in their favorite destination, and enjoy incredible access to their home and many others for up to 12 weeks each year of their choosing.

Do I really own my home?

Yes. Each home has four available interests. Each interest equals 25% ownership of the home. We have no ownership in any of the homes.

Where are the homes located?

Homes may be anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

How does GoForth find homes?

We use our vast network of international real estate agents and partners that we’ve nourished over our decades of experience in this industry. This includes on and off-market listings. Each acquisition is carefully analyzed to determine the maximum usage enjoyment as well as long-term appreciation.

Can I meet the other three owners of my home?

Of course. During the pre-acquisition process, all owners have a chance to meet virtually or in person.

What services does GoForth provide after the sale is closed?

After closing, we’ll ensure the home is furnished to our high-end standards, and owner’s closets are set up for personal storage, along with electronics, games, and daily items needed for a fun vacation. Additionally, we’ll connect with the HOA where applicable, set up all utilities and Wi-Fi, lease a luxury SUV on behalf of the owners, hire housekeepers, and handle all maintenance and property management services moving forward.

How are you different than Pacaso?

Pacaso sells one-eighth interests in luxury vacation homes. We sell one-fourth interests in luxury vacation homes to owners with different travel time preferences PLUS access to all other homes we manage PLUS the ability to rent unused nights.

How do I reserve nights in my home?

Using your mobile app, owners can reserve nights in their own home first before anyone else and then are given the chance to reserve nights in all other homes we manage.

How do holidays and peak times work?

We consider holidays as the four weeks in March (Spring Break), Christmas week, and New Year’s week. Owners can reserve at least one holiday week each year. Peak times vary by destination. Owners may reserve up to 28 continuous peak nights each year.

How do you guarantee I can get my favorite week every year?

Prior to a home’s purchase, owners can protect any week (or a month in some situations) they want each year. This is our Peak Date Guarantee.

What about nights that I can’t use?

All unused nights will be available for rent to our database of renters. Owners receive a prorated amount of that revenue to offset their annual shared costs.

Who else may use my nights?

Any immediate family members over the age of 25 may use nights, including spouses, life partners, significant others, and any children.

How much does this cost?

Homes range in value from $1M to more than $10M. You select a price point that works for you and then we match you up with others looking for the same destination and price point.

Can I finance my purchase?

Yes. Please consult your GoForth guide.

What are all the expenses I need to pay?

There are three costs for owners. The first is the initial purchase of their one-fourth interest. The second is their shared annual expenses (utilities, HOA, property management, etc.) split evenly among the four owners. The third is any housekeeping used during homestays.

Can I sell my one-fourth interest?

Yes, at any time after 12 months. You set the price and we’ll market it to our destination waiting list as well as to all new interested parties. We make the same amount on resales versus new sales which incentivizes us to prioritize resales. This is our Exit Guarantee.

How are homes purchased?

We create an LLC (or LLP for Canadians) of which the four owners are the sole LLC members. The home is purchased under the LLC.

Is LLC co-ownership new to real estate?

No. Think of it as owning a second home with three friends but with a highly seasoned property management company along with a legal structure that promotes fairness and offers protection for each owner.

Does this work like a typical real estate transaction?

No, it’s much easier. We handle the entire transaction. The home is purchased by the LLC. And since it’s a cash purchase, the sale usually takes less than two weeks to complete.

Who determines if/when the home is sold?

We recommend a 10-year period to own and enjoy your home. However, owners may decide by a majority vote (for example, three of the four owners) to sell the home at any time. This allows owners to time the sale to favorable real estate market conditions if they want to.

What happens if another owner doesn't pay their shared costs?

From our decades of experience, we’ve found that almost all homeowners are respectful of their partners in the LLC. In the unlikely event that a homeowner does not pay their shared costs, we will take on the financial responsibility and liability of that owner, who may be forced to sell their interest.

How are owner disputes handled?

All disputes are handled according to the terms of the LLC Operating Agreement. Your GoForth guide will provide the agreement upon request for review.

Can I gift or pass down my one-fourth interest?


Can I access my home’s financials?

Yes, any time 24/7. We provide all financials, budgets, balance sheets, purchase agreements, capital expense receipts, and all other related documents in a virtual data room accessible to owners 24/7. This is our Transparency Guarantee.

What if I determine that GoForth isn’t managing my home properly?

At any time after 12 months of the home purchase, owners may terminate our property management relationship through a majority vote if we are not performing up to standard.

Do I get a referral fee if I introduce to you a new GoForth owner?

Yes! Please ask your GoForth guide.